"The definitive book on organized crime in Canada"

By Stephen Schneider
2nd Edition published in 2016 by HarperCollins Canada
1st Edition published in 2009 by John Wiley & Sons

Over 400 years of organized crime; from pirates off the Atlantic coast; outlaws, smugglers, bank robbers and horse thieves in the wild west; opium traffickers and white slave traders of the early 20th century; bootleggers during the era of prohibition; to the Italian mafia, outlaw motorcycle gangs, Chinese triads, and Colombian cocaine "cowboys."

Meticulously researched from thousands of sources, including material never uncovered or published before, this book is over 20 years in the making.

Iced is not just a book about organized crime, it is an alternative history of Canada that dispels the myths of our historically-nurtured law-abiding nature (organized crime has a long history in Canada and is embedded in many of our most enduring political and economic institutions). It is also embedded in the culture of Canada and Canadians.

Stephen Schneider is one of Canada’s leading scholars in the field of organized crime.

"It is the definitive book on organized crime in Canada, and a unique contribution to our understanding of Canadian history." 
- Public Safety Canada Library Catalogue

"Filled with fascinating facts, surprising statistics and newspaper clippings, and peppered with many graphic photographs and illustrations, Iced is a stirring collage of sensational stories that will captivate readers from cover to cover." 
Stephen Clare, Halifax Chronicle Herald

"In the last decades, a veritable legion of larger-than-life villains, some transplanted, most homegrown, have crawled out from their subterranean caves to rouse us from our comfortable pews. Schneider deftly captures them, warts and all."-

"Well-researched and skillfully put together, Iced is an even better book than one might at first think ... All the way through there are interestingly told anecdotes and careful documentation ... It’s easy to feel confident that Schneider has done his homework, but he never leaves his reader feeling as though they’d just like their six hours back. This is no doubt due to Schneider’s skill, but the material here is just terrific. "

“... this impressive chronicle of Canada’s underworld ... is a highly readable, informative and entertaining introduction to the historical landscape of organized crime in Canada.”

Voted one of the "best books of 2009" by the Hill Times Online

For a published article that briefly summarizes Iced, go to: Literary Review Canada

For more information e-mail: info@storyoforganizedcrime.ca


  1. Anonymous said...
    Great storyteller! This is a delicious read. This book is comprehensive and detailed, enough so it could be used as a text. Yet it is a fast-paced read. The author uses everything from sources to satire to animate and captivate. The stories and characters are vivid and visceral. The evil is palpable. The truth of the tales are shocking. This book is an important contribution to understanding a Canada in a way that has never been considered before.
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    S M Shahriar Rafin said...
    The summarized article of the book 'Iced' was my first ever read on Canada's crime.

    It gave me a brief introduction into Canada's history regarding organized crime as well as introduced me with the latest developments in the matter.

    I totally agree with the author on his claim in the end that only an equitable and equal society can nip crime in the bud.

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